Alhakhand: Sanyogita Ka ApharanAlhakhand: Sanyogita Ka Apharan

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Those were the heady days of Rajput pride (11-12th century AD). Skirmishes and wars between various Rajput kings was a constant feature of that era. These internal fights eventually weakened the kings so much that Shahabuddin Gauri the muslim warrior was finally able to conquer Prithvi Raj Chauhan of Delhi and lay foundation of muslim rule in India. Prithvi Raj Chauhan (born 1056 AD) and Jaichand were both grandsons of Delhi’s King Anang Pal. Anang Pal however gave the kingdom of Delhi to Prithvi Raj because Gauri on the northern border had an eye on Delhi and Prithvi Raj, a great warrior, had the ability to keep Gauri away. Jaichand however became jealous and a chronic enmity between Jaichand and Prithvi Raj ensued. Sanyogita the daughter of Jaichand (now the king of Kannauj), wanted to marry Prithvi Raj because she had heard of his velour and might. When Prithvi Raj heard about Sanyogita’s desire, he went to Kannauj and kidnapped her. Jaichand and his army followed the band of Rajputs lead by Prithvi Raj who were carrying the dola (palanquin) of Sanyogita and running towards Delhi. Here is a piece from Alha Khand that describes the battle between Prithvi Raj and Jaichand in the field of Sauron.
Alha Khand is a compilation of folk songs that poets of that era wrote about their kings and their battles. This huge compilation also called “Alha Udal” was published in a book form by Mr. CE Iliot collector of Farooqabad in the year 1867. The compilation I have is about 1000 pages with about 14 verses on each page. It is edited by one Pandit Narayan Prasad Sitaram and published by Shri Venkatshwara Press of Bombay in 1972. The language of Alhakhand is very similar to what villagers in and around Delhi speak even today. In future I shall try to add some more pieces from this book on Geeta-Kavita. Rajiv Krishna Saxena
Keywords: Alha Udal, Prithvi Raj Chauhan, Jaichand, Sanyogita, Battle, marriage, Alhakhand, Rajput warriors, Shahabuddin Gori