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Submitted / Updated On: Friday, June 9, 2006 | Written By: Dr. Karan Singh | Hits since Feb 1, 2014: 2435

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Death should be a welcome respite after a grueling life journey. When all the chores of life have been completed, and the body is tired and flesh very week, going into eternal sleep should be a welcome. Most people would perhaps not be afraid of death if it was a pleasant experience and not associated with pain, disease and incapacitation. Some unfortunate people suffer too much for months, even years before they finally give up the body. Family and friends undergo untold sufferings watching their loved one struggling painfully. The person on the death bed also prays to God to end his suffering. Yet our law strongly forbids a willful ending of life under any circumstances. There is a right to live but no right to die. It would perhaps be more humane if at the end of the life’s journey, people could leave the world without unnecessary pain and suffering. Dr. Karan Singh, the well known thinker and philosopher, ex-Maharaja of Jammu and Kashmir has been a long term advocate of letting people die with dignity and without pain. Here I have translated (with Dr. Singhs kind permission) a piece he wrote in English that is available on his website "” - Rajiv Krishna Saxena
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