Bhadion Ke DhangBhadion Ke Dhang

Submitted / Updated On: Sunday, August 1, 2010 | Written By: Udaybhanu Hans | Hits since Feb 1, 2014: 8176

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This lovely poem of Udaybhanu Hans is as relevant today as it was before. Things are turning bad to worse with breaking down of morals, accentuation of corruption, terrorism, separatism and poverty. As public watches helplessly, leaders are busy fighting for their selfish ends. I especially like the last but one stanza that I have also tried to translate:

water fills the boat that tosses and rolls
mad storm in all its might unfolds
inebriated boatmen brawl over right of control!

Poet hopes that at least his pen would remain truthful in this hour of need. Rajiv Krishna Saxena
Keywords: deterioration of society, public, helpless, changing colors, draupadi, pandavas, justice, truth, morality, writer’s pen