Meera Ke Do BhajanMeera Ke Do Bhajan

Submitted / Updated On: Thursday, June 9, 2011 | Written By: Meerabai | Hits since Feb 1, 2014: 63139

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Born in early 16th century Meerabai became an ardent devotee of lord Krishna since childhood. She was married to Bhoj Raj the second son of the famed Rana Sanga, the king of Mewar. Bhoj Raj died young in a battle. Meera dedicated her life to the love of Lord Krishna and composed more than a thousand devotional songs many of which are sung to this day with great reverence throughout the country. She died mysteriously in Krishna’s Ranchhorji temple in Dwarka at the age of 67. Some say that she merged with the image of Lord Krishna; her body was never found. Reader Anjana Bhatnagar informs me that in the first bhajan, the correct words written by Meera were "Naam Ratan Dhan" rather than "Ram Ratan Dhan" Rajiv Krishna Saxena
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