Readers reviews for Geeta Kavya Madhuri and Baal Geeta

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Given below are some comments. Reviews that the readers of "Geeta Kavya Nadhuri" and "Baal Geeta" have sent.


  1. Review by Dr. Sheojee Singh
    Baal-Geeta is an extremely effective and interesting Hindi poem containing in nutshell the gist of the Bhagavad-Gita in 194 verses (quadraplets- chaupaiya as in the Ramacharitamanas) enriched with melodious sound suited to easy memorization, and for the enrichment of our academic interactions not only an essential exposure for school children, but an equally effective tool for undergraduates in all courses, particularly in management and teacher education, in moulding the stakeholders towards excellence in their profession with righteousness at every step of life. In my view it is an ideal book for our nationwide value education endeavours in the light of recommendations of NCFSE-2005 for schools. It can also be used gainfully for our colleges and universities where our brilliant students have heard. lot about the Bhagavad Gita but hardly have touched it in order to find out what does it really contain. To my mind, it is. uniquely useful composition for the adolescents of Hindi heartland of the country and can be read meaningfully by anyone easily in most part of the country. It needs wider popularization and. bit of lowering of price so that it can become easily accessible to the maximum number of people, especially the students. It needs to be made available on all bookstalls of Indian Railways platforms and in all school and public libraries of the country. Reading it reminded me of my all time favourite school daysí poems of Ramdhari Singhji Dinkar in my Hindi textbboks.

    Sir, your style of writing is extremely spontaneous and really as you have put in the beginning of the book, it seems as if Lord Krishna has really caught hold of your pen and has composed the verses Himself making you as. sincere instrument for this noble cause. Moreover, as. have realized so far after going through numerous Hindi and English translations/ interpretations of the Bhagavad-Gita in course of my studies and research over about. decade (since 1999 to 2010), it will not be an overstatement if. say that there existed (to the best of my knowledge) no scientific and direct composition in Hindi on this theme without the unusual overdose (mix) of ritualistic and devotional imaginations of the message of the Gita, which proved. hurdle in approaching the Gita by many people, especially the youth. This book fills the gap excellently well and will surely prove to be. guide to everyone willing to get the crux of the message of the Indian Spirituality.

  2. Review by Nupur Kaul
    I as most of us am trying to make sense of life.. read some spiritual insights by Khalil Gibran which. loved and want to read Chanakyas Neeti which is all about the cut throat world. However, Bhagwat Gita. recitation by Shri Krishna is. balance between both. He as. imagine would give insights into life which are practical and still that it lets you maintain your moral fiber. So,. thought that Bhagwat Gita contains the answers to my questions. However,. unsuccessfully tried to understand the essence of Gita in many books in English translations with and without Sanskrit illustrations. And then. found Baal Gita.. bought it so that. could transfer some good thoughts to my. year old kid. But,. think it is. good read for an adult who is looking for that illusive understanding of Gita. For the first time. understood why it said. karm kar. fal ki ikcha mat kar. It is not asking you to reach the unattainable divine level and be selfless. It is asking you to detach from the result as it will just hurt you if you do not achieve the exact thing that you hoped for. So, you are doing this for your own good.. of course am not able to say it as beautifully as Dr. Saxena. In short, this book is. must read.. am hoping that we get to read more books from Dr. Saxena.

  3. Review by Varun Mittal
    Vah. Vah. Vah. trasnlation of Bhagvat Geeta in poetic form is woderfull!

  4. Review by Narendra Saini
    I must say that this is probably the best web site on subject.. must thank and congratulate to the Author of Bal Geeta. Its. superb effort. Keep up the GOOD WORK !!

  5. Review by Manisha Mittal
    Respected Sir, maine abhi abhi aksmat hi aapke dwara likhi Geeta Kavya Madhuri padhi jo mujhe bahut hi pasand aai. Main Geeta Ji ka sanskrit mool paath karti hoon. Main sanskrit ki acchi jaankaar nahin hoon isliye sarlaarth yaad karne mein thodi mushkil aati thi jo mujhe aaj aapki yah anupam rachna padhne se sulajh gayi lagati hai. Aapne bahut hi saral shabdon mein sabhi sanskrit shlokon ko kavita-baddh kiya hai. Aapke is punyadayak karm ke liye hum jaise Geeta premi aapko shat shat naman, pranam evam dhanyavad karte hain. Ji Shri Krishna.

  6. Review by Ashok Gupta
    Geeta Kavya Madhuri is. wonderful book about Gita that. have read. This book is meant specially for devotees, who want to sing the song of God, by themselves. Lord Krishna has chosen Dr Saxena to remove the language barrier of Sanskrit from these wonderful words of God.. hope even Lord krishna will enjoy it.. must-read for every lover of Gita.

  7. Review by Usha Sharma
    Param snehi Rajiv Ji, Sadar vandana. Jitni baar main aap ki is anoothe Hindi samvad ko laybaddha sunti hoon, meri aankhen bhaavanubhooti se chhalak aati hain. Geeta hamara dharmik granth hai. Ise aasani se samjha nahin ja sakta tha. Par aapne asambhav ko asambhav kar dikhaya. Meri yahi abhilaasha hai ki yeh pustak hamare Bharat ke har bachhe ko kanthasth ho. Bachhe apne desh ko apne granth dwara jo ab chhand-baddh ho kar padya ka roop le chukka hai, aasani se samajh sakte hain. Aap ke saamne to main natmastak hoon hi, aapke is tap ko hriday se sadhuvaad deti hoon aur aabhari hoon. Jeevan main acche log hi desh aur dasha sughar sakte hain.

  8. Review by Mrs. Prabhakar
    AAdarniya Mahodya, Mujhe Gita ke sabhi adhayaon ka saral hindi mein kavita ke roop mein roopantar bahut achaa laga. Jo ki sampoornn smaj ke hit mein hai aur ek nai disha pradan karta hai. Kavita ke roop mein ise ga ke parh sakate hain aur aaj ke is ashanti ke duar mein yahe ek bahut mahatawpurn kadam hai. Smaj ke liye ek aesi disha sathapit karna prashansiya hai. Dhanavad.

  9. Review by Jeetesh
    Aapki site dekhi maza aa gaya. Kya anuwaad hai, aapne behad clear arthon me likha hai. Maine Geeta ke sample lesson padhe. maza aa gaya! Aapki mehnat bekaar nahi jayegi. Aap apnaa kaam karte rahen. Aap kamyaab hain. Thanks.